Fighting for Fair Housing

Among the dozens of currently pending pro-bono matters, Gilbert LLP represents two long-term tenants—Jerry and P.J.—in their fight to help protect affordable housing in Washington D.C.  For decades, Jerry and P.J. have lived in a large rent-controlled apartment building owned by a local university.  Until recently, the building was a vibrant community populated mostly by students, faculty, and others.  But several years ago, the university adopted a plan to remove all tenants and then substantially renovate the building employing high-pressure tactics to force tenants out.

The university succeeded in forcing most tenants to leave, but Jerry and P.J. have refused to flee their homes, and have remained in a largely vacant and poorly maintained building in an effort to preserve an affordable housing community.  Gilbert LLP represents Jerry and P.J in a lawsuit in D.C. Superior Court seeking damages and injunctive relief from the defendant university.

If Gilbert is unable to resolve this matter through negotiation, it will proceed with vigorous litigation.