Gilbert Values

Gilbert LLP aspires. We aspire expansively and ambitiously.  We aspire to be a law firm that makes a difference not just for our clients but also for our lawyers, our staff, our community, and the broader society.  We know that keeping these aspirations front and center in everything we do is the only way to overcome the multitude of barriers to growth and change.

Our aspirations are rooted in our values.  These values – integrity, ingenuity, connection, and service – drive and inform our daily practices. They’re not simply words on a website. 

These values were our bedrock 20+ years ago when Scott Gilbert and his colleagues founded the firm, and the ability to live these values through their own practice is what inspired the firm’s current leadership to continue and build their careers at Gilbert. 

We incorporate these values in looking for diverse new legal talent.  In creating a hybrid work environment that incorporates multiple viewpoints.  In an associate review process that recognizes achievement and growth, not just hours billed.  In broadly and deeply committing to pro bono and community service work.  In representing clients with candor, creativity, and an absolute devotion to solving their problems.

We are proud of our foundations.  We are prouder yet of the law firm we relentlessly aspire to continue creating.