Legal Technology Services

Gilbert LLP has consistently been a leader in the use of technology to our clients’ advantage.  Each year, innovation produces more opportunities, but also greater challenges.  Nevertheless, Gilbert continues to lead in this area with new applications, sophisticated discovery workflows, enhanced investigative techniques, sophisticated analytics, and more.

In late 2023, Gilbert made a substantial investment in this intersection by adding Todd Itami to its partnership.  Todd, who has been described as “a world leader in the application of technical e-discovery skills,” joins the firm from Covington & Burling where he led e-discovery efforts and solved legal problems on cases of all sizes—from small private disputes to some of the largest litigations and investigations in U.S. history.  He combines top-shelf legal experience with substantial technical knowledge in machine learning, programming, digital forensics, software development, computer hardware, database architecture, and the use of emerging technologies, such as large language models.

To enhance its capacity in this area, Gilbert has created a legal technology services subsidiary, Tesseract Data Services (TDS), that will offer its clients a comprehensive, integrated set of legal technology and advisory services to meet their discovery needs and regulatory demands.  TDS’ lawyers and technicians have decades of professional experience providing A.I., e-discovery, information governance, and workflow innovation services to keep clients ahead of the technological curve.  The subsidiary’s President is Todd Itami.

As we expand our legal tech services, our lawyers will utilize the latest technical assets to advance clients’ goals and work closely with TDS’ world-class experts.  Technology touches every matter in a law firm, and a law firm that has a technological edge will improve its clients’ outcomes.  Gilbert and TDS will support our efforts to maintain that edge on behalf of our clients.

Click here for Gilbert’s legal technology services portfolio, and here to explore TDS’ services.