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International Prisoner Cases

Numerous Americans are wrongfully arrested and imprisoned abroad each year.  Securing the release of these individuals requires a complex balance of international diplomacy, domestic advocacy, and media strategy and coordination.

Gilbert is currently representing a U.S. citizen who has been wrongfully imprisoned in Venezuela since 2014.  Gilbert attorneys are working with U.S. government officials on Capitol Hill and in the Administration, as well as with Venezuelan legal and human-rights experts, to obtain this individual’s release and safe return to the U.S.

Gilbert’s work in Venezuela follows on the heels of its successful representation of the family of a graduate student from Texas imprisoned in Vietnam in June of 2018 for his participation in demonstrations against the Vietnamese government’s economic policy.  He was released after several weeks of widespread public pressure and backchannel negotiations coordinated by Gilbert at the highest levels of government in both the U.S. and Vietnam.

Gilbert LLP has successfully obtained the release of numerous U.S. citizens imprisoned abroad, using its strategic expertise and innovative approach to resolve disputes involving the U.S. and some of its foremost political adversaries, including Iran and Cuba.  Following their release, Gilbert has gone on to represent such individuals in pursuing claims in U.S. courts against the governments responsible for their wrongful detention and other third parties, obtaining judgments and other recoveries in the many tens of millions of dollars.