Securing Release for Prisoners: Spotlight

In July 2022, Gilbert attorneys successfully secured parole for a 57-year-old D.C. native who has been incarcerated for over 23 years. The client was denied parole at his initial hearing in 2018 despite a nearly spotless disciplinary record, earning his GED, and completing over 1,400 hours of vocational and behavioral programming. Gilbert attorneys took on the client’s case through a referral from the Washington Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights and Urban Affairs. After briefing and oral argument before a U.S. Parole Commission examiner, the Commission accepted the examiner’s recommendation for parole. The client will be released by April 2023. The client was represented pro bono by Gilbert LLP attorneys Ifenanya Agwu and December Huddleston, with the assistance of paralegal/mitigation specialist Sara Ogrey.