Asbestos-Related Insurance Coverage Litigation

In our experience, insurance companies very often contest their contractual duties and obligations to pay mass tort product liability claims facing their policyholders. Gilbert LLP is continuing to lead the fight on behalf of corporate policyholders, trusts and others against insurers in courts throughout the country, including its representation of an internationally renowned manufacturer of auto parts.

Through litigation in Illinois state court, Gilbert LLP has zealously pursued over a dozen of the nation’s largest insurers, securing ground-breaking rulings under Illinois law regarding the manner in which excess insurance policies are impacted by and required to respond to asbestos claims.

As a result of Gilbert’s advocacy, its client has resolved hundreds of millions of dollars in disputed insurance limits and defeated several insurer motions for summary judgment that could have limited or eliminated insurers’ obligations. We also have preserved our client’s rights to seek additional recoveries, including relief based upon the insurers’ bad faith refusal to pay claims.