Legal Technology Portfolio

Discovery and Review Management — Gilbert attorneys and analysts have deep experience leading e-discovery efforts in large-scale and complex matters, including high-profile matters for the world’s largest technology companies.  Gilbert lawyers and project managers have led e-discovery efforts and solved legal problems on cases of all sizes from small private disputes to some of the largest litigations and investigations in U.S. history.  This includes orchestrating the e-discovery process on every level:  overall strategy, collections, review, written and oral advocacy, and other related leadership.  Throughout, we implement the latest technologies to bolster quality and reduce costs.

Machine Learning Leadership — We regularly advise clients on traditional and creative applications of technology assisted review (TAR), using both mainstream e-discovery software and newly emerging tools.  Gilbert teams conduct high-level legal negotiations about the terms of TAR implementation, and execute hands-on everyday use and design of machine learning models in practice.  In addition to using machine learning for document review, we regularly design machine learning workflows for fact development purposes and to solve special problems, such as training algorithms to read, understand, and tabulate irregular information; conducting privilege reviews; and running various quality-control tasks.

Artificial Intelligence Implementation — Gilbert helps clients implement the latest artificial intelligence legal technologies.  In the fast-moving world of artificial intelligence development, we can advise clients on the implementation of the latest software for a variety of legal tasks.  Todd is also helping to develop the next generation of document review platforms that incorporate cutting-edge large language models as a software industry advisor.

Strategic Software Development — Gilbert is well-versed in strategic software development.  This is true both as primary authors of bespoke software solutions and as a leaders of larger software development projects to facilitate a wide breadth of insurance, investigation, litigation, and trial activities.  Todd, as the leader of Gilbert legal tech, is one of a handful of individuals worldwide who can incorporate sophisticated legal judgements into software deployment to drastically improve quality and efficiency to save clients money and win cases.

Task Automation and Litigation Readiness — Todd has saved his clients millions of dollars through workflow automation and optimization for discovery- and trial-related tasks.  Combining a nuanced understanding of the law with a wide gambit of software familiarity, Gilbert lawyers are able to create processes that minimize legal cost while drastically reducing human error.  From case-specific applications to full-blown litigation readiness plans, we help clients modernize and optimize their most burdensome legal tasks.