Gilbert LLP Announces Move to New Office Space

Offices Designed for Flexible, Contemporary Legal Environment

Gilbert LLP, a Washington, D.C. law firm specializing in complex dispute resolution, announced today that it has relocated to new offices in the nation’s capital.

“We believe we’ve created not just a new workplace, but a model for law firms and other professional services to emulate as they analyze their circumstances both during the COVID-19 pandemic and into the future,” said Scott Gilbert, founder and Chairman of Gilbert LLP.  “The design of our new space was geared entirely toward efficiency and cost-effectiveness for our clients, and fostering creativity, productivity and collegiality for our co-workers.”

Gilbert’s new office will set high standards for efficiency and sustainability.  It is designed around a unique hoteling concept that allows all lawyers and staff to choose from a variety of offices and other workspaces that suit the fluid nature of their work and their various operating styles and preferences.  Common areas have been constructed to facilitate collegiality.  The space is built with cutting-edge technology that makes legal work seamless in any physical location and provides options for professionals to transform that flexibility into greater availability, productivity and collaboration at the office and in remote locations.

“Traditional offices are not geared toward efficiency or maximizing use of modern technology,” Gilbert said.  “Even as we planned our new space, we began implementing hoteling and other efficiency and technology improvements a full year before we moved.  These changes have proven enormously beneficial and are helping us successfully navigate the challenges posed by the tragic COVID-19 pandemic.  Finding a balance between working remotely and connecting with colleagues, clients and third parties is the challenge of the future.  I believe we are demonstrating that mechanisms and procedures once viewed skeptically and little understood will prove advantageous, if not essential, to clients, lawyers, and the profession.”

Gilbert is strictly adhering to all COVID-19 guidelines in opening its new office.  Its hoteling structure will further ensure the health and safety of all personnel, and additional workplace arrangements have been made to prepare for unforeseen developments related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gilbert’s partners in designing and building its new office space were the architectural firm of Wingate Hughes, the general contractor Hitt Contracting, and the project management team GPS Partners.

Gilbert LLP is a Washington-based law firm specializing in litigation and strategic risk management, insurance recovery and complex dispute resolution.