Gilbert LLP Appointed by Federal Appeals Court to Represent Client Challenging His Unlawful Murder Conviction

WASHINGTON, D.C. ­– On October 1, 2019, Gilbert LLP was appointed by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit to represent Randall Tyler in his challenge to the constitutionality of his conviction for murder, conspiracy, and burglary in the Circuit Court for Lexington County, South Carolina.  Mr. Tyler is represented pro bono by Jenna Hudson, Adam Farra, and Jasmine Chalashtori.

The Fourth Circuit appoints counsel in a fraction of its cases, and only after concluding that the interests of justice require legal representation in an appeal in which there is not a right to counsel.  Attorneys qualified for such an appointment must have appellate practice experience and the ability to brief and argue cases on appeal, since most discretionary appointment cases proceed to oral argument.

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