Gilbert LLP: Our Pro Bono Work on Parole Matters – William Lumpkin’s Story

As part of our diverse Pro Bono practice, Gilbert LLP represents incarcerated individuals in several different types of matters, including parole proceedings before the U.S. Parole Commission.

William Lumpkin was one of our parole clients.  When we learned about his case from the Washington Lawyers’ Committee in 2020, just a few weeks prior to his hearing, we immediately met with him, began reviewing his records, and spoke with others about his experiences.  We crafted an argument as to why he should be granted parole, and after preparing Mr. Lumpkin for his hearing, we represented him before a U.S. Parole Commission examiner and helped secure him a favorable, non-binding, parole recommendation.  We next advocated for him before the Commission, submitting a letter and accompanying materials on his behalf to explain why parole should be granted under the D.C. Code.  Mr. Lumpkin was granted parole and then released from prison in May, 2020.

Prior to Gilbert’s involvement, Mr. Lumpkin’s path to parole was a frustrating one.  Despite a nearly spotless 32-year prison record, and even though he had indisputably become a leader and mentor in prison, teaching classes and availing himself of countless growth opportunities while incarcerated at notorious federal facilities, he had to deal with a broken parole system that essentially forgot about him.  This was compounded by a brutal attack that he suffered in prison, an attack from which he is still recovering today.  Despite these challenges, Mr. Lumpkin never gave up hope that justice would prevail and that he would be released.  Eventually, with the help of Gilbert LLP, all his hard work paid off.

Since his release, Mr. Lumpkin has gotten married and reunited with family and friends.  He has secured employment and is formulating ideas to assist others going through the same re-entry process that he navigated after his release from prison.  Gilbert continues to represent Mr. Lumpkin in resentencing proceedings under the Incarceration Amendment Reduction Act to remove the onerous and unnecessary parole restrictions that he currently still contends with, and to recognize his achievements over the last several decades.

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