Gilbert LLP Outlines Vision for Post-Pandemic Law Firm Operations

Strategic Plan Initiated in 2018 Includes New Office Space and Hybrid Work Model

Gilbert LLP, a Washington, D.C. law firm specializing in complex dispute resolution, announced today that it has published Planning for a Future That Came Early, a comprehensive white paper that outlines the firm’s vision for the future of law firm operations.

Notably, Gilbert began planning for a post-pandemic world in 2018.  The firm devised a new operational structure, including new office space, that anticipates many of the challenges now confronting law firms and other businesses—hoteling, technology enhancements, hybrid work arrangements, professional development, workplace culture, and many others.

As a result, Gilbert made a smooth transition to the pandemic’s many challenges.  Now, as the firm prepares to make full use of its new offices, it is well-positioned to offer a model for others to follow.

Gilbert has captured its long-range strategy, pandemic adjustments, lessons learned, and return to the office plans in an in-depth white paper.  The firm has also published a fact sheet that identifies the specific design elements featured in our new office.

Gilbert LLP is a Washington-based law firm specializing in litigation and strategic risk management, insurance recovery and complex dispute resolution.