Gilbert LLP Starts Full Transition to In-Office Work

D.C. Firm Began Building New Hybrid Structure Prior to Pandemic

Gilbert LLP announced today its official transition to in-office work, utilizing a hybrid operating structure whose origins predate the pandemic.

Gilbert began devising a new model for law firm operations in 2018, and it secured distinctive office space to help put this model into practice.  The firm also began to implement hoteling work arrangements in 2019 to prepare for its planned Spring 2020 move.

When the pandemic struck last year, Gilbert was able to transition smoothly and make adjustments grounded in its long-term vision.  Now, as the firm begins to utilize fully its hybrid-oriented offices, it can maximize the value of its strategic planning, hoteling innovations, remote work systems, new technologies, and collaborative work spaces.

“With nearly two years of pre-pandemic design and preparation, we’ve built a work model for the future that will simultaneously benefit our clients and the firm through greater flexibility and efficiency for attorneys and staff, increased productivity and collaboration for case teams, and reduced overhead for the firm,” said Scott Gilbert, the firm’s founder and Chairman.  “We see our new office as a thriving ecosystem for collaboration, rather than the only or best place to do all of our work.  We look forward to implementing our hybrid approach, continuing to innovate, and leading the way for a new era of law firm operations.”

Gilbert has published a white paper that captures its comprehensive operational changes, and a fact sheet that summarizes its office design innovations.

Gilbert LLP is a Washington-based law firm specializing in litigation and strategic risk management, insurance recovery and complex dispute resolution.