Gilbert LLP Welcomes Todd Itami to the Firm Partnership

Itami, Formerly of Covington & Burling, Is Nationally-Recognized Leader in E-Discovery and Legal Tech Across Practice Areas

Gilbert LLP announced today that Todd Itami, an innovator in the application of technical e‑discovery skills, has joined the firm as partner.  He will serve as the Director of Artificial Intelligence, Information Management, and E-Discovery.

Itami, who was a Gilbert associate from 2014–2015, most recently served as Of Counsel at Covington & Burling, where he grew an e-discovery practice and developed sophisticated technological solutions for dozens of clients’ business and legal challenges.

He is a graduate of the University of Chicago Law School.  Earlier in his career, Todd owned and operated a business development group focused on branding, web programming, and information technology integration. Todd was also involved in various startup and e-commerce ventures, including founding an international NGO focused on health and infrastructure issues in South America.

Itami has applied his unique intersectional approach to e-discovery law in a wide range of litigation and investigation matters, including insurance recovery, antitrust, patent, products liability, white collar, and other complex commercial disputes.

He combines high-level legal experience with substantial technical knowledge in machine learning, programming, software development, computer hardware, database architecture, and the use of emerging technologies.  Todd counsels clients on all aspects of e-discovery, from the most technical details of digital forensics, handling of structured data, and preservation of complex data warehouse environments, to traditional legal negotiations, briefing, depositions, and trials.

Itami’s work emphasizes five specialties:

Machine Learning Leadership — Todd regularly advises clients on traditional and creative applications of technology assisted review (TAR), using both mainstream e-discovery software and newly emerging tools. Todd conducts high-level legal negotiations about the terms of TAR implementation, and executes hands-on everyday use and design of machine learning models in practice. In addition to using machine learning for document review, Todd regularly designs machine learning workflows for fact development purposes and to solve special problems, such as training algorithms to read, understand, and tabulate irregular information; conducting privilege reviews; and running various quality-control tasks.

Artificial Intelligence Implementation — Todd helps clients implement the latest artificial intelligence legal technologies. In the fast-moving world of artificial intelligence development, Todd can advise clients on the implementation of the latest software for a variety of legal tasks. Todd also regularly assists in developing the next generation of document review platforms that incorporate cutting-edge large language models as a software industry advisor.

Litigation and Investigation Leadership — Todd is adept at leading e-discovery efforts in large-scale and complex matters, including high-profile matters for the world’s largest technology companies. Todd has led e-discovery efforts and solved legal problems on cases of all sizes; from small private disputes to some of the largest litigations and investigations in U.S. history.

Strategic Software Development — Todd is well-versed in strategic software development, both as a primary author of bespoke software solutions and as a leader of larger software development projects used to facilitate a wide breadth of insurance, investigation, litigation, and trial activities. Todd is one of a handful of individuals worldwide who can incorporate sophisticated legal judgements into software deployment to drastically improve quality and efficiency to save clients money and win cases.

Task Automation and Litigation Readiness — Todd has saved his clients millions of dollars through workflow automation and optimization for discovery- and trial-related tasks. Combining a nuanced understanding of the law with a wide gambit of software familiarity, Todd is able to create processes that minimize legal cost while drastically reducing human error. From case-specific applications to full-blown litigation readiness plans, Todd helps clients modernize and optimize their most burdensome legal tasks.

Gilbert LLP’s legal tech proficiency saves our clients time, reduces costs, and bolsters quality. Itami will build on Gilbert’s existing work, developing both a new firm practice area and creating teams within Gilbert to maximize the value of his expertise for every Gilbert client.

“Gilbert has always prided itself on its innovation and forward-thinking approach to the law. Leadership in the use of technology to improve outcomes for our clients has long been part of that.  Todd’s arrival marks a significant next step along that path,” said Kami Quinn, Gilbert LLP’s Chair. “Todd is an outstanding lawyer and the firm is excited to integrate his expertise in technology-based solutions into all of our work.”

Gilbert LLP is a Washington-based law firm specializing in litigation and strategic risk management, insurance recovery and complex dispute resolution.