Blair Hubbard Director of Analytics

Blair Hubbard is the Director of Analytics at Gilbert LLP.  She is a valued partner to the legal team, bringing over a decade of experience applying her broad technical and analytical background to supporting clients in the context of complex dispute resolution.

Blair’s expertise has been primarily focused in working with policyholder clients and their coverage counsel to inform their legal strategy in pre-litigation negotiations.  She utilizes relational database theory and customized dynamic modeling to help make sense of a client’s insurance assets and to quantify potential outcomes with a range of strategic input scenarios.  She has assisted her clients and their attorneys in the recovery of billions of dollars in insurance assets for a range of liabilities including asbestos, talc, environmental remediation, and sexual abuse claims.

Through the role of the Director of Analytics at Gilbert, Blair and the legal team aim to find added efficiencies for their clients.  They are able to seamlessly integrate quantitative analysis into their legal strategy, and be proactive in identifying and meeting their clients’ needs by leveraging their complimentary skills as one team.

Prior to joining Gilbert, Blair oversaw project teams at two of the industry’s leading policyholder-side consulting firms in a variety of contexts including litigation, pre-litigation negotiations, and post-settlement coverage-in-place administration.  She has also utilized her background in systems analysis and design in the development of many industry-specific technology platforms.

Blair received a B.S. in Systems and Information Engineering from the University of Virginia.