Gilbert LLP’s work is grounded in the legal insights and strategic approach Scott Gilbert brought to this firm when he created it 20+ years ago.  He and his co-founders had already done pioneering work insurance recovery, mass torts, bankruptcy, negotiations, and complex dispute resolution – but they wanted more.  They wanted a firm that would set new standards for legal innovation, client satisfaction, and collegiality.  As Scott often put it, “we want to do well, give back, and have fun.”

Under Scott’s leadership, we have done all three.  When he left Gilbert in December 2022 for new ventures, Scott had steered the firm to exceptional levels of success and left behind – at Gilbert and throughout the legal community – scores of lawyers who had absorbed his philosophy.

As a lawyer, Scott broke new ground, and then broke it again.  He was a master of complex multi-party dispute resolution.  He stressed that our goal was to solve client problems, and he explored every corner of the law to make it happen, dozens and dozens of times.

As a strategist, Scott had no equal.  He knew that getting results meant asking the right questions and shrewdly evaluating the entire landscape to find the precise tools to get the job done.  Just ask anyone who ever negotiated with him.

As a leader, Scott was formidable.  He set the tone, he set the terms, and he lived by both.  He believed deeply that principles mattered at our firm and in our community, and he built a Gilbert experience that developed not just better lawyers, but better people.