Michael Cohen Appeals Dismissal of Suit Challenging His Unconstitutional Treatment at Hands of Donald J. Trump, William Barr, and the Federal Bureau of Prisons

Statement of Kami Quinn, Chair of Gilbert LLP

“In the United States of America, the President may not silence his critics by causing them to suffer in 100-degree prison cells for weeks while denying them access to their attorneys.  But that is what Donald J. Trump did to Michael Cohen, with the help of his attorney general and officials in the federal Bureau of Prisons.  Today, Gilbert LLP appealed to the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit the dismissal of Mr. Cohen’s suit demanding compensation for this flagrant, unconscionable violation of his rights under the First, Fourth, and Eighth Amendments to the Constitution of the United States.

“In this country, we are allowed to criticize our government without fear of retaliation.  When the government violates this right as clearly and egregiously as it has here, a remedy for the caused harm must be available. Gilbert LLP, along with counsel from Perry Guha LLP, is proud to represent Mr. Cohen in his effort to give life to this vital principle. We intend to pursue this appeal to the Supreme Court, if necessary, to vindicate the sacred, fundamental principle that no man—and no President—is above the law.”

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