Gilbert LLP Cited in Wall Street Journal Story About Pandemic and Public Transportation

Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article about the impact of the pandemic on public transportation. After reviewing our white paper regarding post-pandemic law firm operations, the Journal reporter interviewed Craig Litherland and Brandon Levey for his story. The part of the story that references Gilbert is excerpted here:

More concerning to transit officials: Some employers have now institutionalized working from home and don’t plan to bring all their employees back to the office ever again. Gilbert LLP, a Washington, D.C., law firm, swapped its downtown office for a smaller space last year and told employees to do most of their work from home. Attorneys no longer have their own offices and must reserve one on the days they come in.

Brandon Levey, an attorney at the firm, used to work in the office full time and commuted mostly by subway. Now he goes in maybe once a week. Once the pandemic is over, he expects to still work from home about half the time. He said it is a better arrangement both for him and his fiancée.

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