Gilbert Attorneys Named as “Go To Thought Leaders” by National Law Review

Gilbert LLP announced today that the National Law Review (NLR) has named firm attorneys Emily Grim, Alison Gaske, and Brandon Levey as Go To Thought Leaders for a joint article they published in 2022.  They are one of 75 awardees from over 12,000 contributed submissions to the NLR in 2022.

The trio’s award-winning article addressed insurance coverage issues related to the Russian war against Ukraine, particularly with regard to political risk insurance policies.  The NLR article, Russian Invasion of Ukraine: Maximizing Insurance Coverage to Mitigate Financial Losses, was a valuable resource for professionals seeking risk management direction as the war continues to unfold.

Grim is a Gilbert partner and Gaske and Levey are associates.  The firm has extensive experience in international risk management and dispute resolution.

Gilbert LLP is a Washington-based law firm specializing in litigation and strategic risk management, insurance recovery and complex dispute resolution.