Case studies

November 02, 2018

Pioneering Pursuit of Billions of Dollars in Mass Tort “Non-Products” Claims

Through litigation in state and federal courts and arbitration fora, we pioneered the pursuit of so-called “non-products” coverage for mass tort bodily injury claims.  The insurance industry had attempted to restrict its obligations for mass tort bodily injury claims to so-called “products” coverage, which generally is subject to aggregate limits of liability.  In contrast, “non-products” […]

November 02, 2018

Corporate Restructuring and Insurance Funding to Guarantee Company Survival

We represented a small, closely-held insulation and roofing contracting company that was facing bankruptcy as a result of its asbestos-related liabilities.  In helping to ensure the company’s continued survival, we undertook a multi-faceted approach whereby we (a) obtained millions of dollars in insurance proceeds to pay asbestos-related claims from solvent and insolvent insurers, and (b) provided […]